Supernova in M51 (NGC5194)

This page is dedicated to information, images and links to the Supernova SN2011dh in M51. Latest information on the Supernova can be seen here:-

We were very close again to a discovery, with our first image taken only a few days after it was dicovered. Bad weather in the UK meant that we could not undertake observing runs from the 24 May 2011 to the 01 June 2011.

The short video clip below shows the Supernova brightening up to the last frame on the 26 June 2011. Media player full screen is best. This was the first time I had tried doing a video such as this.



Some initial Spectra done using the Star Analyser:- SN2011dh in NGC5194 Spectra

Some stacked (2 x 45 second) images are below. These were taken with the wide field camera ( The latest images are at the top. The lowest image taken on the 23rd May 2011 shows no Supernova.

Hovering over the image will give the data it was taken.